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Our Cloud Phone System Advantages

Connect with your customers and team from anywhere.

Take advantage of the flexibility of making and receiving business calls from your cell phone, desktop, or IP desk phone. Your calls can follow you, wherever you go.

Simple and Easy Set Up

We roll out your phone system using tester numbers first to make sure everything is perfect before going live. Be confident that your system is working seamlessly and exactly as you need it to before you commit to it.

Dedicated Support, All Based in Canada

Reach our team 24/7 for support instantly. We are always available to help make changes to your phone system and to provide training when you need it.

Need a reason to switch to the Cloud? How about:

No software downloads

Lower Upfront Costs

Get a new phone system without the large capital expense of a traditional setup. We connect you to our advanced and secure software-based system so you don’t have to host your own PBX on site.

Line Hunting

Seamless Business Continuity

Protect your business from power outages or technical issues. In the event that your office is unavailable, your team can continue to communicate by connecting remotely.

Audio & Web Conferencing@2x

Added Flexibility

Using our IP Desk Phones, Mobile Softphone and Desktop Softphone, you can make and receive calls from wherever you are. Make calls from the office, from home, or on the road.

Have up to 125 participants

Unified Office Locations

Connect all your offices by using one main number and an Auto Attendant to distribute your calls. Unifying your offices also lets you collect data and reports across all locations to get the full picture of your organization.

Our Top Cloud System Features, In Plain English

Find Me / Follow Me are advanced call forwarding features. This lets you set rules on how your personal devices ring so you can take your calls from your IP Deskphone, your Mobile Device, or a Desktop/Laptop. Choose a pre-set order for your devices to ring or have them all ring at the same time so you get your calls no matter where you are.

Have multiple phones ring at the same time so whoever is available can pick up a call. This can be across your whole organization or within specific groups of team members.

Voicemails will be transcribed into text and can be sent to you by email. Read the transcription quickly or choose to listen to the attached audio recording.

An Auto Attendant is a virtual receptionist that will automatically distribute your calls based on a pre-set menu. Send callers to specific users in your organization, specific departments, play pre-set recordings, or straight to voicemail.

More Cloud System Features

Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Canada/USA Long Distance
Web Management Portal Access
User Web Portal
User Extensions
Voicemail To Email
Voicemail Transcription
Find-me-follow-me: Your calls will ring each of your phones to find you.
Simultaneous Ring
Call Recording
Dedicated Internet Fax Line
Extensive Analytic Dashboard*
Call Queues
Software Integration (Open APIs)
Multi-office Unification

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